RRobots is a simulation environment for robots, these robots have a scanner and a gun, can move forward and backwards and are entirely controlled by ruby scripts. All robots are equal (well at the moment, maybe this will change) except for the ai.


First Official RRobots Tournament
Ruby Quiz is hosting the first official RRobots Tournament on 12-20-2005 matching each participant against all others, three times. (Your bot must be posted to Ruby Talk on or before 6 PM (GMT) the 19th, to compete.)
The winner will get a Desktop R/C Mini-Rover from ThinkGeek.com, after the quiz summary is posted.
See http://www.rubyquiz.com/quiz59.html and the ruby-talk ML for details.
(go here http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/20020104.html to subscribe to the ruby-talk ML)

RRobots v0.4.0 Tournament release
Run hundreds of battles and generate nice html tables showing every aspect of the outcome.
Create team robots, and wreak havoc on your uncoordinated enemies.

v0.2.0 Released
After a lot of Bugfixes and implementing slugfests of up to 8 robots, this is RRobots v0.2.
The robot interface didn't change so all your creations should still work.
If you need some challenge look in the forums, good bots are starting to apear there.

Website Online
Well a rather uneducated try of a guy who should continue to code in ruby (or even c++, delphi, java, python or whatever - except html :) - isn't someone out there who could do better?

v0.1.2 Released
- Simple OSD for robot health (thanks to Terje Tjervaag)
- Alpha dithered explosions (thanks to Jannis Harder)
- Bugfixes

v0.1.1 Released
Uh, oh, sorry to my linux friends, i should have used '/' instead of '\' right from the start.

v0.1 Released
There were a lot of posts on Ruby-Talk until...
"...that thread went on too long for *someone* not to put
the rubber to the road" [Harold Hausmann]
and here we are!